Demolition Service

Complete Structural Demolition
(commercial & residential both interior and exterior) with over a Million hours of experience.


We have Available: 

  • Backhoe with Breaker
  • 45 and 80 foot Zoom Boom
  • 34 Trucks
  • Roll Offs
  • Dump Trailers 
  • 40 Foot Conveyor Belt 


Interior Exterior
Walls, Ceilings & Flooring Complete Structure of House & Foundations
Electrical after disconnect Concrete Walls, Block Walls
Plumbing Steps, Walkways & Fences
Cabinets Garages & Sheds
Site Clean Up Saw Cutting Doors & Windows in Foundations
New Slab Insulation Basement Dig Outs


Commercial & Residential Demolition

  • Asbestos Abatement, Mould & Lead Removal
  • Wall Saw Cutting – up to 20 inches
  • Floor Saw Cutting up to 10ft. with Package Deal
  • Pop Up & Remove Slabs
  • Dig Trench to find Pipe
  • Backfill with existing material on site
  • Dowel
  • Supply & Install Dowel
  • Supply and Install Concrete
  • Core Drilling up to 16 inches 
  • Infectious Control Hoardings (hospitals and senior homes)
  • Boiler Removal & Piping
  • Oil Tank & Piping Removal
  • Concrete Pad & Sidewalk 
  • Removal, Pouring and Repair
  • Backhoe with Breaker, 
  • Mini–ex & Bobcat Services 


House Demolition Cost 

There are many variables that affect home demolition cost, making it difficult to calculate average demolition costs. A professional demolition expert can give you a more specific home or building demolition cost estimate.

Some of the factors that can significantly affect demolition prices and the cost of house demolition include:

  • Are there environmental issues?
  • Any asbestos located in the structure? EPA requires proper asbestos abatement before demolition can occur.
  • What are you intending to do with the debris? Landfill and hauling fees are a significant cost that must be added to the overall demolition price. Hauling and landfill fees vary widely by location.
  • Is there anything salvageable that might have value and offset the building demolition costs? A local demolition expert can help you understand if any of your house's materials have salvage value.
  • Can any portion of the foundation remain or will you require everything to be removed? Concrete demolition costs add to the overall price of the job.
  • What is the home made of? Cinder block, red brick, wood, or a combination? What is the roofing material?
  • How many stories is the home? Multiple level homes increase demolition cost.
  • Is site restoration part of the project? Do you need any additional work such as excavating or site clearing?

Call Maritime Demolition Your Expert for a Building Demolition Cost Estimate

The cost of demolition for your home, garage, concrete, commercial building, or other building can be nearly impossible to estimate without the help of an expert. A Maritime Demolition expert can help from project planning, site preparation and demolition work through waste removal, environmental safeguards and site restoration, they offer all the services you need, start to finish. Their expertise can help you make smart decisions, keeping demolition costs down.

Maritime Demolition has demolition experts catering to all Maritime Provinces, Call today!