Professional Services

Concrete Wall, Floor Saw Cutting & Core Drilling

  • We provide a package deal on floor saw cutting which includes
  • Wall & Floor Cutting, Coring up to 16"
  • Sawing Slab, Remove Slab Dig & Leave Material on Site
  • Place Concrete
  • Burning of Steel Structure
  • Jackhammer Out Concrete Pads & Sidewalks
  • Sidewalks & Pads




Floor Sawing
Control joints are necessary to control the cracking of freshly poured concrete slabs due to the expansion and contraction of the concrete during the curing process. Decorative cuts are often used for a tile or patterned look.


Wall Sawing
Saw cutting of concrete walls is essential when openings are required without damaging the structural integrity of the existing concrete surrounding the opening. Some applications would include an access door through a concrete wall to new additions, new or enlarged basement window openings. Structures such as commercial walls, elevator shafts or even bank vaults can be carefully broken down into pieces for effective removal by a forklift or crane. 


Core Drilling
Core drilling is an effective, quiet and non-destructive method used when creating a round hole through a concrete wall or floor. Coring is used for plumbing or electrical lines, water drain holes in retaining walls, fireplace vents or when linking large diameter water lines at water treatment plants are required. Core Drilling is an essential service that we offer with hole sizes ranging from less than 12mm or ½" up to 16". 


Concrete Removal and Repair
Cutting a concrete slab or floor into pieces for removal or repair is easily done with concrete cutting saw. The thickness of the concrete determines the size of pieces to be saw cut. This allows for quick and effective removal of the concrete slab while reducing the amount of damage to the existing base. This method of removal provides for a quicker base preparation prior to pouring concrete for the new floor, driveway or pad.