Pre-Demolition Environmental Checklist

Pre-Demolition Environmental Checklist

Planning to demolish a building? Here is a handy checklist to help building owners and inspectors, demolition contractors, consultants, subcontractors and others identify and address environmental issues in a demolition project and find out how to properly handle any hazardous or problem materials.

Thoroughly inspect your project site before beginning any demolition. Carefully planning your deconstruction project can save time, money and resources!

All projects will generate a large quantity and variety of materials that can be recycled or reused. Keeping them separated and free of hazardous problems will make recycling easier and can significantly reduce disposal costs.

Bear in mind that it's illegal to burn an unwanted building. The only exception is for a fire department practice burn of a standing structure where the material that's illegal to burn has already been removed. See further details under "Open Burning" below.

This document lists commonly-found building materials and products that may pose environmental or health problems. It references specific regulations which must be addressed for many materials and points to sound guidance on handling others. It is not intended to substitute for reading the rules and statutes and making your own determination of how they apply to your demolition project.

The examples presented here do not represent an exhaustive listing of types of materials that may be required to be removed from a building prior to deconstruction.


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